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Child Support

Mary E. Green, P.A. practices in the area of family law, which encompasses issues revolving around family relationships and laws related to child custody and support. The subject of child custody and support is very complex and the law is construed strictly by the courts. Issues relating to children should be dealt with expeditiously, as they are sensitive matters and time is of the essence. Mary E. Green, P.A. is well known for its successful representation of clients in family law matters in Fayetteville, Arizona.

When a couple is going through a divorce or other disruption in the family relationship, utmost concern should be given to any children involved. If the court system becomes involved, the situation can become complicated and an experienced family lawyer is essential. The attorneys at Mary E. Green, P.A. are seasoned, professional advocates who focus on child custody issues, such as temporary custody orders, physical custody, legal and joint custody, third-party custody, interstate custody disputes, and modification of custody and visitation orders. They also handle other family law issues, such as child support, visitation and issues relating to parenting time, paternity, divorce, separation, alimony, and annulment.

Dealing with custody and visitation issues can be stressful and even traumatic. When marriage dissolution and divorce becomes evident, our attorneys at Mary E. Green, P.A. strive to resolve issues through mediation in order to facilitate a successful outcome reached through mutual agreement and without lengthy and costly court proceedings. When mediation is not practical and an amicable resolution cannot be reached, our experienced attorneys offer zealous, respectful advocacy on behalf of the client in court.

If you or someone who you know is facing family law issues, such as child custody, visitation or support obligations, or with any other issue arising from a family relationship, please contact Mary E. Green, P.A. for a consultation to determine your rights and obligations.