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Probate and Real Estate

Mary E. Green, P.A. has been providing legal support on a wide variety of issues related to real estate law. The term “real estate” relates to real property or land, along with anything permanently attached to the land, such as buildings, houses, and immovable property. Ownership of real estate means the ownership and right to use the land for legitimate purpose. Real estate law deals with everything and anything that is related to real property and involves regulations and laws for protection of real estate and governance of real estate related transactions.

Property dealings are among the most significant transactions in one’s life, and Mary E. Green, P.A. offers specialized services tailored to each client’s individuals needs, from large commercial projects to individual residential transactions. We provide assistance in all matters related to purchases and sales, landlord–tenant disputes, land use matters, boundary and easement issues, broker matters, leases or licenses, and the administrative processes linked to these transactions. Additionally, our attorneys well-versed on the trends in mortgage lending and offer comprehensive counsel and advice regarding how to successfully navigate the mortgage process in economically uncertain times.

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing practical, effective solutions for our clients’ real estate needs. When disputes do arise, our seasoned litigation staff makes every effort to resolve issues through amicable settlement. If settlement is not practical, we will not hesitate to advocate zealously on behalf of our clients’ interests in a court of law.

We have built a strong client base with our hard work, top-notch service, and client-focused solutions. We have extensive experience with individuals and business in both the commercial and real estate markets and understand how to navigate the complex regulatory and legal proceedings that are associated with real estate conveyances.

If you have a question about a current or pending real estate matter, please contact the experienced real estate attorneys at Mary E. Green, P.A. today to schedule an initial consultation.