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Divorce and legal separation can be devastating, not merely from an emotional standpoint, but also financially, as the parties contemplate whether to sell the marital home, how the bills will be dealt with, and whether their children’s needs are being adequately met.

When it comes to division of marital property, the experienced family law attorneys at Mary E. Green, P.A. help their clients understand the division process and guide them through the legal system, and develop alternative strategies for reaching a suitable settlement. Division of marital and non-marital property might include the division of a home, stocks, inheritances and gifts, closely held businesses, bank accounts or debts. For an efficient, fair evaluation and equitable distribution of the martial and non–marital assets and liabilities, the staff at Mary E. Green, P.A. works regularly with the other professionals, such as tax experts, certified evaluators, property appraisers, accountants, who can provide straightforward analysis and estimation of both the parties’ assets and liabilities.

Divorce is an emotionally-charged event that changes the fundamental way that spouses deal with each other, with their property, and with their children. When contemplating or initiating divorce, many people feel disoriented and overwhelmed. Matters relevant to ending a marriage can include custody, alimony, child support, and property division, all which can have a devastating impact on everyone involved. The attorneys of [name of the firm] operate in your best interests, despite all the obstacles and pitfalls that are inherent in the divorce process.

Issues arising in a divorce may present major obstacles that prevent the parties from reaching a settlement. For divorcing parents, the custody and support of children often become a main concern. Mary E. Green, P.A.’s family law and divorce attorneys are experienced at mediating divorce cases and can assist in resolving the key issues, often without litigation. While we aim for an amicable settlement of divorce issues through mediation and negotiation, our attorneys will not hesitate to protect the rights of their clients in court. If you have a question relating to divorce, contact the attorneys at Mary E. Green, P.A. for knowledgeable, practical counsel and advice.