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Areas of Practice

Mary E. Green, PA offers experienced, complete Estate Planning including preparation of a Will, a Trust or other documents needed to insure your wishes are carried out after your death. If you own a home; have vehicles and other personal property; have investment and/or bank accounts; own a business, you have assets that require planning to be sure those assets are passed on to the person or persons you want to receive them after your death.
Mary EGreen, PA can assist you in this process at reasonable cost and with the goal being to make sure your Estate is handled properly after your death and with little or no Court involvement (probate).
If you have questions about Estate Planning, please contact Mary EGreen, PA at (479) 521-1414 for a free consultation with our experienced Estate Planning attorney.
Probate is a Court process filed after your death to have your Will recognized as valid by the Court and to appoint an Executor named in your Will to be responsible for paying your debts and distributing your assets. Mary EGreen, PA practices probate law and will provide you with an experienced attorney who will guide you through this process.
Probate also applies to situations where someone has died without a Will but has assets that cannot be distributed without Court approval. Mary EGreen, PA has an attorney with over 30 year's experience in the area of probate law and can see that the Estate process is promptly and thoroughly completed and that all legal issues regarding inheritance are resolved .
If you have questions about Probate, please contact Mary EGreen, PA at (479) 521-1414 for a free consultation with our experienced Probate attorney.
Mary EGreen, PA offers the services of a Court certified mediator in domestic relations cases and probate cases. Mediation is a process to help people resolve issues and can be used if a case is ongoing or even before a case is filed and open. You do not have to have an attorney to participate in mediation.
If you have custody issues; are wanting to resolve issues related to a divorce such as property and debt division; have a situation where a family member has died and you want to resolve issues of property distribution with all heirs; or have a Court Order requiring mediation, Mary EGreen, PA can provide you with a mediator to resolve those issues.
If you have questions about mediation, please contact Mary EGreen, PA at (479 ) 521-1414 to receive more information and request a  mediation session.
Mary EGreen, PA practices family law, which involves the legal aspects of the relationships between husbands and wives, as well as other family relationships. Within the practice of family law, Mary EGreen, PA is here to help you with uncontested adoptions; guardianships; and other uncontested cases involving custody and/or divorce or paternity. Our practice is limited to Washington County.
If you have questions about Family Law or issues arising from a family relationship, please contact Mary EGreen, PA at (479) 521-1414 for a free consultation with our experienced family law attorney.

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